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24 October 2013 @ 01:47 am
Copper Protest Letter Transcription  
Copper got cancelled about a month ago. I wrote a protest letter and so far have forgotten to send it because I'm so busy. Now that I've remembered, this is the transcription:

Mr (name redacted)

I'm writing a letter of protest about Copper's cancellation. When the Scifi Channel cancelled Farscape, I sent a letter and helped to revive the show. I am hoping I can contribute to a similar campaign for Copper.

I'm thoroughly enraged that you cancelled one of the most original, unique, unusual and distinctive shows on television right now. Its writers have the courage to deal with the real, ugly, ruthless history of the United States in ways many shows don't begin to approach. But while it deals with immigration, racism, faith and brutality, it still, sometimes in the same episode, finds the time for a quirky, possibly silly sense of humor.

The reasons given for the cancellation really infuriated me. The assassination of a President is NOT a good time to end a show, particularly on a cliffhanger like the lsat episode, and this "the nation healing" is completely crazy. The tensions are as high as ever. Ever FREEMAN has gotten angry!

The writer has a full seasonal arc planned out, so at least let him fit it into a movie. I want MORE. It deserves a lot more than two seasons. You have the power - use it to make it happen.

Sincerely, (me)

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